Customer Referral Program : Terms & Conditions

*Terms of Program:

  • Scodd Industries must be notified of referral prior to new client ordering. This can be done by either party with a simple email ( or phone call (Toll Free 1-855-550-2246).
  • Free bits are earned on first purchase only from new client (Trial Pack is not considered a first purchase).
  • Maximum of 50 free drill bits per referral for each client.
  • Free drill bit sizes to match bit sizes from order (or bits at lower $ value).
  • Each new client can only be referred by one existing client.
  • Pricing to new client is based on website pricing.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or special

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Trial Pack of 5 Speedbit for only $20

We can tell you how great the PorcelainPlus Speedbit is but “seeing is believing” and that is why we are offering this great special. Trial Pack of 5 Speedbit for only $20 {includes shipping}. ORDER NOW!!!

Great Special PorcelainPlus Speedbit

We can tell you how great the PorcelainPlus Speedbit is but “seeing is believing” and that is why we are offering this great special. Simple choose which size(s) you want and we will ship you 5 bits for only $20 so you can see first-hand how much time and money you will save by using the Porcelain drill bit.

Because it is a great deal, we can only offer this once to each new customer. We are so confident that the PorcelainPlus Speedbit will be a better value than what you are currently using, that we are offering a Money Back Guarantee if you do not agree.

Full Refund For Your Trial Pack

We believe so strongly that the Porcelain Plus Speedbit will provide better value than your current drill bit, used for the same application the Porcelain drill bit specializes in, that we will issue you a full refund for your Trial Pack if you do not agree.

Simply contact us and let us know what bit you are currently using that you feel performs better dollar for dollar than the Porcelain Plus Speedbit and return the unused bits of the Trial Pack back to us within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your full purchase price.

More Profitable Installations

The PorcelainPlus Speedbit was specifically designed for drilling through hard surfaces such as porcelain tile, marble, granite and quartz along with ceramic tile, glass and mirrors. Its speed and durability distinguishes itself from other standard bits used on these surfaces.

With a specially formulated mix of metals and superior designed carbide tip, Porcelain drill bit makes your installations quicker and easier, therefore, more profitable.

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